#GoMexican Independence Day Party

Last Thursday we celebrated Independence Day in style at Victoria House in London where Mestizo restaurant and the Mexican embassy organised a fantastic party.

On top of food, mariachis and margaritas there was also a Mexican market where we held a stand along with our friends from Navar Silver, La Mexa Clothes, Ay Que Chula, Mexart, MX Foods, Gringa Dairy and Kankun.

The event was a great success with a huge turnout and fantastic atmosphere - something we'd recommend to anyone in the future.

Style meets culture

There's something indescribable about owning and wearing hand-crafted jewellery. Not only does it look unique but it also feels unique. Especially when it's routes are from a strong cultural lineage.

I feel passionately for my culture, country and people. And Huichol runs in my blood. Not only do I create age-old Huichol designs but I also take it's inspiration and infuse it into modern and contemporary styles.

Culture doesn't stay still. It evolves, grows and looks forward while always respecting it's past.

Many of my creations can be found for sale on my online shop here at etsy.

Also, much of my work is custom and I work with my clients to create their desired styles, colours and patters. So please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss something even more bespoke.

Dia del Niño - Wahaca Brixton

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to support the Dia del Niño celebrations at Wahaca Brixton. Dia del Niño translates as "Day of Children", which in Mexico is an annual celebration for children.

Tutorial for beaded flower

(Improved technique)


Its been months since may last tutorial, very recently somebody requested a printable version and while making it I realized that now days my flowers are made with a different and easier technique.

I'm using exactly the same colors as Previous tutorial. So you will end up with the same result; its up to you to choose witch one is best.
Lets begin:

Huichol art for your pets!

We've recently had a new addition to our family, a beautiful white puppy lurcher. She's called Tequila and she's been keeping us all busy!

When buying all the needed bits and pieces (bowls, leads, food etc) the idea of huichol-inspired collar struck me. So, a few days later here's the result.

Ojo de Dios pattern

It's been a very long time since my last post, so without further ado, here we are!

This post is a special request as I'll be sharing a design pattern for one of my recent bracelets, the Ojo de dios pattern.

Huichol flower Tutorial

Hello there!

First of all so sorry for my awfull manicure but I had waited for some spare time to make this tutorial and I had to choose between having my nails done or making it and Voila !

I'll make a very short explanation for each photo, this to avoid making it too complicated. But if any doubt just let me know :)

For this one I choose to use 4 different colours, light orange, orange, red and black, once you can learn the pattern you can make any number of colours and combinations.

Start with a stop bead (just pass the needle twice trough the same bead leaving 5 cm of tread)

Add 11 beads more to make 12 total
And close in a circle
Add 5 light orange beads and go through 2 black beads
 Pull tight, and you will have your first 5 beads loop
Add 3 more beads and go back through the last 2 orange beads and through 2 more black beads.
Keep adding 3 beads at the time and going back 2 beads each time until you close the circle, in the very last loop you will only add one bead since you will have the last 2 and the very first 2 you put at the beginning of the circle, when you finish it should look like this:

Go to the top of your loop and on the second bead add 5 dark orange beads
Jump one bead and go back down, and without going into the black beads come back up through the next 2 light orange beads.
Finish the circle.
Once you finish the circle go back through the first 2 dark orange beads until you are back at the top.
Add five red beads, jump over one orange and go through the next one
This time you are not at the bottom, you are coming out trough middle of the 2 dark orange beads
Add one dark orange bead a black and another orange bead.

  Then go through the opposite middle bead and finish at the top again.
Add 5 red beads and repeat untill you finish the circle again

It should look like this:
Now go to the top through the first 2 red beads
 Add 5 black beads, jump the next red bead and go through the one right after.
Add 3 red beads and go through the black middle bead, when you come out. Add 3 more and go to the  next petal going through the same bead you just did on the last one

 Add 5 more black beads and repeat untill you finish the circle
 Now it should look like this:

 Add 3 black beads and go to the next red corner bead
 Add one more black bead and go to the opposite corner
 Add 3 more beads and go all the way through untill you reach the end of the petal (3 blck beads). Sorry the photo doesn show me going trough 3 just 1 but you do 3 :)
 Repeat the last step untill you finish the circle
  and you have Finished!
This flower is the base to make lots of different earrings necklaces and bracelets you just need to use your imagination and any colour combination you want.